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Veracity is the driving force that established our company and continues to facilitate our principal goal of seeing fundamental, Bible believing churches built efficiently and economically.

It would be advantageous for your church to utilize the experience and the wealth of dependable and valuable associations McNelly Construction, Inc. has amassed in more than three decades of constructing church projects.

Contemplating a new building, addition, or renovation? You owe it for your peace of mind and your budget to allow us to explain the different methods of design and construction. The value for your investment, the quality of the construction and the efficiency of the construction process are intrinsically determined by the design and construction contract you sign.

The greatest opportunity to save money in construction is in the planning stage... from then on you spend money. We offer a Building Team concept that forms a coalition of your church, the contractor, and the architect. Each adds a particular talent to the Building Team, then with veracity, i.e. devotion to the Truth, from each member, you will be insured a successful building project!

Outside of Southeast Michigan, we can assist though our consulting division, see our consulting page.

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